MVO 490x472
Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)
To Prange Corporate Social Responsibility means the responsibility to
deal with the consequences of our company activities.
We make deliberated choices in the field of business management,
innovation and growth, with respect and benefit for people,
the environment and society. Wherever possible we take measures
to minimize waste, energy consumption and environmental impact.

We want to achieve this by:
–  Offering a pleasant, professional and healthy / safe working environment.
–  Offering employees the opportunity to develop themselves as well
    individually as socially.
–  Sparing the environment in business processes, materials,
    transportation and housing.
–  Achieving economic results that focus on continuity /
    growth of the company.
–  Working on and investing in sustainable business and social relationships.
–  Involving and inspiring our business relationships by our CSR policy.