In line with the growing opportunities in the Smart Industry area, 9 SMEs originating from the East of the Netherlands, have joined forces in order to stimulate co-development. In the cooperation, the companies develop – together with universities – innovative products for the space industry.

Smart Space Cluster
The so-called Smart Space Cluster is an initiative in which the companies, by cooperating ‘smart’ and looking across the boundaries of their own abilities, try to exploit the opportunities provided by the Smart Industry.
Goal of the cluster is the co-execution of research and product-development, in order to strengthen the regional industry of the East-Netherlands.
The cluster, in which Prange proudly participates, was launched successfully at November, 27th.

Expertise of Prange
The research and product-development should lead to innovative products, resulting from the interconnection of the knowledge and expertise of the companies in the areas of sensor technology, optical instruments and precision mechanisms.
Prange contributes to the cluster with its expertise in precision mechanisms and sensor technology. Prange has already 15 years of experience in assembling sensors and complex systems on microscopic scale; “we assemble products comparable to the size of a dice, in which tens of components are being incorporated”; says Jaap Wansink, accountmanager of Prange. “The high quality and precision demanded in those products, can also be found in projects in the space industry. And that’s exactly the added value that this region can provide: we can develop special technical solutions of high quality by uniting this expertise and knowledge”.

The Smart Space Cluster forms a source for the sharing of knowledge and expertise between the parties; which should ultimately result in a minimum of five business cases for the space industry. Furthermore, the interconnected sharing of technological expertise and knowledge can also be of great value for the healthcare-, food- and manufacturing-industry. The cooperation will lead to ground-breaking research, resulting in product-innovations that will strengthen the industry of the East-Netherlands. The Smart Space Cluster will also result in extra employment. This will be beneficial for providing opportunities to the youth and their education.

Involved in the Smart Space Cluster are the companies Inspiro, Mecon, NOVA, PMP, Prange, Q-Concepts, SRON, Sumipro, Veldlaser, and the Radboud University and the University of Twente.